Pain Free Custom Website Design!

We know that deciding on the type of website you need can be a somewhat confusing and tiring process. Most businesses know that they need a website but are unsure of exactly what they need or even where to start.

We break down the website design process in to 4 easy phases. This helps our customers prepare for each individual phase in steps. This also helps to ensure that you do not get overwhelmed trying to come up with everything for your new website at once!

So how does it work?

Phase 1:
understanding your goals

Phase 1 can be the most difficult because of all the planning and preliminary work that must be done.

In order to increase and reach your marketing potential, we need to narrow down and focus on the goals for your business, and decide on what you want the purpose of your website to be. Do you want it to be strictly for informational purposes? Do you want to sell products and services? These are the types of questions we will work you through during phase 1.

Project completion to this point

Phase 2:
Designing your Custom Website

We now turn your ideas and goals for your website in to a working mockup while you sit back and relax!

We use state of the art technology and photo editing software to ensure your website reflects the desired goals as agreed upon in Phase 1. We will design a fully functional mockup using any information and photos provided by you, including any additional information added by us that we felt would be pertinent to the design, allowing for a more effective end result.

Project completion to this point

Phase 3:
Reviewing & Fine Tuning the details

With the working mock-up and initial site design complete, we now send the site to you for review and changes.

After Phase 2 is complete, we will provide you with a link to the demo website along with plenty of time for you to fully review your new website. You will be able to provide us with a list of changes whether graphical, informational, or both, at which point we will then implement those changes and begin to finalize the entire website and prepare if for live status.

Project completion to this point

Phase 4
project completion

With everything complete, we now transition your site to live and accessible on the Internet!

Once the website design is fully complete, we will perform one final test before working with you to take the site “live!” We will provide online documentation and training for you to be able to maintain the site on your own, or set you up on one of our excellent and convenient website maintenance plans if you choose to have us maintain the site for you.

project is now complete

Ready to get started?

Now that you have seen how easy it is to get your new website for your business up and running, why delay? Let us get started building your business and creating an online presence for you!

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